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Learning and Performance Consulting Services

With close to zero unemployment and a shortage of skilled workers in emerging technologies, the demand for IT workers continues to outstrip the supply. Success in this competitive environment demands flexible and innovative solutions to attract, retain and develop high-potential IT professionals that are or will be critical to your business.

TEKsystems Learning Solutions enables organizational learning transformation so you can meet challenges and seize opportunities.

Many organizations make significant investments to send employees to training courses without a clear understanding of how this will resolve their workplace challenges and drive improved business results.

TEKsystems works with you to analyze business performance and talent-related challenges. We craft custom, comprehensive and implementable learning solutions that:

  • Align to specific needs
  • Result in measurable performance improvement
  • Help achieve business goals

TEKsystems provides advisory services, metrics and accountability, contextual learning, role-based performance management and operational enablement. Our solutions incorporate formal training along with on-the-job experiences, opportunities for safe practice and clear expectations for demonstrating mastery.

Learning and Performance Consulting

Some business challenges require a deeper dive. Our seasoned learning consultants offer subject matter expertise in adult learning, human performance improvement and organizational development principles, as well as how to enable learning through technology.

TEKsystems works with you to brainstorm and strategize how different learning services can be assembled to create a custom solution that is designed to achieve your business objectives.

Consulting may include:

  • Assessment of current and aspirational role-specific capabilities, critical success factors and cultural/structural impediments
  • Learning and performance improvement analysis and program design
  • Skills assessments / competency mapping
  • Learning program tracking, reporting and ROI analysis

End-User Adoption

Adoption means users are leveraging the system to the full advantage of the business. We design, develop and execute end-user adoption solutions to ensure an optimized return on investment. The success of organizational change management (OCM) depends on recipients having the required skills and confidence in their ability to apply their skills to adopt the new behavior.

TEKsystems helps enterprises through technology upgrades and adoption of new processes across large enterprises.

Solutions may include:

  • Techniques and tools to reinforce learning transfer
  • Soft and technical skill practice opportunities
  • Embedded performance support
  • Immersive simulations
  • Targeted role-based engagement

Onboard to Perform: New Hires

Comprehensive onboarding programs can help you recruit, hire and retain top talent, and outperform your competition. Effective onboarding leads to higher first-year retention, increased employee engagement and measurably faster time to full productivity for new hires.

TEKsystems works with you to examine existing talent and identify key attributes that drive success and fit, and build a role-based learning plan to ensure new hires are job-ready and can ramp up their productivity through the first six months.

Solutions may include:

  • Role-based curriculum paths
  • Upskilling
  • Curated, peer-to-peer programs
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Formal and contextual learning

Next-Generation Workforce Development Program

This innovative approach to building an IT workforce incorporates IT recruiting—often looking at entry-level candidates with general IT skills and minimal experience and upskilling them in high-demand technologies—as well as onboarding. This approach ensures new hires have the modern skills necessary to become productive quickly and are well equipped to become high performers.

TEKsystems will examine your talent needs, identify candidates, design and deliver a custom onboarding and upskilling learning plan, and provide a co-managed service that provides mentoring, management and measurement. Our role-based ramp-up approach positions high-potential recruits to be a cost-effective and successful fit while meeting the client’s needs in building a new workforce in emerging technologies.

Programs may include:

  • Designing role-based upskilling learning programs
  • Reskilling experienced tech resources in emerging technologies
  • Customization to address a client’s unique technology stack and processes

Professional Development

Your employees want to grow as professionals—and you need them to grow—within emerging technologies, business practices and as managers or leaders. Professional development through role-specific learning plans provides opportunity for technical and nontechnical skill development for higher job performance.

Our team helps you through the initial requirements gathering, prioritizing areas where performance support can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with a broader learning approach. Plus, we work with top electronic performance support solution vendors so we can support you through tool selection and set-up.

Role-based curriculum plans help:

  • Fill gaps where no formal curriculum plans exist
  • Build awareness of potential career paths and options
  • Help attract and develop the best IT talent
  • Build a foundation for a culture of learning within the organization
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