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Work for TEKsystems in Dallas

Established in 2013, our Dallas Solution Center (DSC) offers more than great IT jobs—we offer opportunities for technical professionals to learn new skills, grow professionally and make an impact on critical IT and business initiatives for industry-leading companies.

TEKsystems has over 30 years of experience helping clients achieve their IT and business goals.  

Annually, we serve over 6,000 clients across the globe, including 82 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Ranked No. 1 in our industry by Staffing Industry Analysts, we’ve been able to stay on top due to our expertise in IT talent management, helping us attract, develop and retain the best IT talent.

IT Talent Wanted in Dallas

In addition to placing 80,000 IT consultants at client sites annually, we maintain teams of highly skilled IT professionals who work full time at our solution centers. Our DSC team supports managed, project-based and outsourced projects spanning a spectrum of IT services, including application development and management; business intelligence, ERP and integration; network infrastructure; and quality assurance and testing. We are always looking to grow our contingent and permanent workforce to help our clients meet their various technology needs.

Why Work for TEKsystems in Dallas?

In Dallas, our team is exposed to high-visibility projects for major local and global clients. Our business partnerships with clients in fast-growing industries expose our employees to a wide range of challenging and rewarding responsibilities and offer the opportunity for new skill development.
We want to grow and we want our teams and employees to grow. As such, we focus on grooming and perfecting our leadership. Our experienced leaders help cultivate a support network within our centers, coaching and mentoring you so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.
Our competitive compensation package recognizes and rewards you for your skills and merits. Moreover, we support your continued professional development, keeping your skills sharp and marketable by using leading-edge technology, such as Microsoft, Java and business intelligence software, among others.
As a privately held company for over 30 years, we are built on a solid financial foundation and continue to grow and invest in our national and global footprint. We also have a strong presence in Dallas, with three local offices where 100+ recruiters and sales managers work with over 200 clients, placing more than 1,500 IT professionals on active engagements annually.
TEKsystems places high value on diversity and inclusion. In Dallas, this has created a highly collaborative and innovative group of highly skilled IT professionals.

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