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ERP Training and Education Services

The ROI for an ERP investment is only realized when an organization fully understands and utilizes the new system. ERP education for IT and business users is vital to ensuring an organization possesses the right knowledge, skills, abilities and resources to maximize adoption of an ERP system.

To drive user adoption and deliver measurable results, TEKsystems Training and Education Services are engineered to be an integrated component of your ERP implementation. TEKsystems Training and Education Services conduct 800 classes and train more than 12,000 professionals annually.

Why TEKsystems?

Customized Training Programs

TEKsystems customizes our ERP Training and Education Services to ensure they are comprehensive and relevant. Using the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Education (ADDIE) instructional systems model, we custom-design courses for technical and functional ERP students and end users. We conduct labs and readiness assessments to customize curriculum development to the specific needs of your team members. We are also skilled in distributing our ERP training programs through a variety of delivery approaches.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are not only technology experts, they are practitioners with real-world experience using relevant ERP platforms. Additionally, our instructors are adept at conducting train-the-trainer courses to help clients stay within budget and leverage internal resources. By arming key resources with the right understanding of an ERP platform, our clients achieve higher user-adoption rates over shorter time periods.

More than 20 Years of IT Training Experience

TEKsystems holds training and educations courses that reach participants in dozens of countries simultaneously. We facilitate training through instructor-led, e-learning, Web 2.0 or a blended approach—depending on which option works best for the client.

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