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TEKsystems—Your Career Partner

Michelle Webb: IT professionals are looking for a recruiter that wants to partner with them.

Lisa Vashkelis: Whether an IT professional is looking for career advancement or a specific skill set or technology to grow, they want a company that’s going to listen to their needs and help them get to where they want to go.

Kyle Hunsucker: They want consistent employment, they want challenging opportunities, they want personal and professional growth.

Richard Jones: We offer a wide range of services. Not just contractual staffing—we offer direct placement services, and we also have a global services or a managed services division where we’re always looking for great talent.

Lisa Vashkelis: In order to succeed it’s important to partner with individuals who care about your growth and your advancement and can help market you.

Garrett Haycock: We see people as being more than a keyword search. We see people as human beings that can assist us and our customers with specific IT problems that need to be solved.

Randy Verdino: We understand that our people are our strongest asset and we work very hard to strengthen the bond with our consultants.

Garrett Haycock: It all starts with that personal relationship, because if you don’t understand what it is that the person’s trying to accomplish, you can’t help them get there.

Michelle Webb: It’s not just about just putting someone to work. It’s about keeping that person long-term, it’s about building the experience, making sure they feel like a part of the team.

Randy Verdino: TEKsystems does business with 5,000 clients on an annual basis. In most cases, we’re the market leader in the geographies we operate in. The benefit to our consultants lies in the fact that you’ll have unparalleled access to client opportunity.

Richard Jones: We take the time to understand an IT consultant’s career goals and aspirations, and because we have access to so many job opportunities, many of which are unadvertised in the market place, we’re able to connect that consultant to relevant, great job opportunities that are going to help them to advance their career.

Lisa Vashkelis: We’ll spend a great deal of time in preparing our technical professionals on the front end as to what they can expect in an interview and more importantly, what they could expect if they were to go and work at this customer site.

Richard Jones: We provide our consultants with a variety of training and development opportunities to help them keep their skills sharp. We also provide a wide range of benefits that will help the consultants meet their personal needs.

Jessica McNelley: Once we put the technical professionals on site, our No. 1 goal is to make sure that they’re happy and that we’re communicating with them.

Marshall Oldham: The real work and where we invest a lot of time and effort happens after the placement.

Jessica McNelley: As they’re coming off contract, we’re going to be right there to support them to make sure that we can find that next opportunity for them.

Michelle Webb: Knowing a recruiter is thinking about the next thing for them? They don’t have to worry about their next assignment; they don’t have to worry about what’s next. They can just focus on being great at the job that they’re doing. It’s not an individual game here. It’s not what’s in it for you. It’s how we can help each other achieve the goals we’re trying to achieve every day. 

Meet your IT career goals with TEKsystems.