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New Trends IT Job Search 

Searching for a new job can be just as overwhelming as searching for your dream home. This is especially true in IT, where demand outweighs the supply of open positions.

When you’re in the market to buy a new house, the first thing you do is hire a realtor. A realtor provides professional expertise and insight on the local real estate market and can help bring peace of mind to an otherwise overwhelming process.  

Likewise, dedicated IT recruiters are your job agents. They take time to understand your skills, goals and interests, and present you with only the best opportunities that align with your career blueprint. And nearly 4 out of 5 IT leaders trust recruiters in helping to fill open positions.

While online job boards offer the convenience of applying to numerous jobs in one sitting, they also leave room for applying to a lot of irrelevant or outdated listings. In fact, by the time IT leaders get around to posting open positions online, more than half say they’re already talking to promising candidates

Looking for a cozy fixer upper to put your stamp on? Or a move-in ready studio downtown near all the action? Your realtor is on it.

You want a job within 30 miles, using your existing skills, training to grow, and a fun, relaxed culture?

Yeah, we have some dream options for you.

At TEKsystems our recruiters are armed with local market knowledge, comparable salary rates, and ongoing relationships with IT hiring managers.

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