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Exploring the IT Skills Gap

Matching the right people with the right jobs is no day at the fair. IT leaders and qualified professionals are often looking for each other, but have trouble finding their way.

While IT leaders overwhelmingly cite a lack of technical skills in their candidates, workers reflect a different reality in their job searches.

Furthermore, the IT skills gap is exacerbated by long hiring processes, and can lead to low morale and inefficiency in the workplace. All of these factors can make the workforce carousel spin faster.

Looking at the signs, there are a few steps both leaders and professionals can take to bridge this gap.

Skills training can benefit both internal employees and job seekers. Learning new skills and improving proficiency on existing skills can make both more valuable to an organization.

Workforce planning can help leaders identify their organization’s skills gaps and what their local market can supply. This planning then allows leaders more time to find, recruit or train the best talent for their open positions.

Finally, leaders and professionals should never ride alone. An experienced recruiter or staffing firm can give an unbiased assessment of job descriptions and resumes to ensure relevancy, accuracy and efficiency.

The IT skills gap is real and a pain point to organizations. IT leaders and professionals must work to look past the distorted reflections. To learn more about this research, IT staffing or workforce planning, please visit