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2014 IT Industry Forecast

As the economy continues to flicker with slow, positive growth, IT departments may be the benefactors, as the majority of IT leaders expect to see an increase in their IT budget in 2014. This represents a significant increase in optimism compared to 2013. 

So where are IT leaders expecting to spend this money?

  • Implementing new technology
  • Investing in their IT workforce
  • Meeting business demands

The technology trends that are expected to have the biggest impact in 2014 are business intelligence (BI), security and mobility.

Although technologies may drive the future of IT, it’s the people that make it all possible. IT leaders are looking to build their IT workforce to meet long-term goals, as well as fill in gaps to meet emerging needs.

Yet great talent is often challenging to find. In 2014 some of the most difficult positions to fill will also by the most critical to success.

When it comes to meeting technology needs with people solutions to satisfy business demands, overall IT leaders are more confident in 2014 in their ability to deliver results.

Fueling this confidence, IT leaders are seeing a shift in its role from just “keeping the lights on” to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and providing added value to the organization.

Due to the speed of technological advancement, it’s virtually impossible for an organization to possess all their needed IT skills in-house. IT leaders in 2014 are looking to partner with external IT support vendors to help keep pace with new technologies, accommodate spikes in workload and strategically address workforce planning. 

Acquiring, developing and retaining the right talent will be critical for successful implementation of key projects. IT will need to be ready as the business leans on them in an era of cautious optimism.