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Are you ready for the Internet of Things?

IT and business leaders weigh in on preparedness, challenges and business impacts

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing strategic concept with potential for powerful outcomes, especially in terms of customer experience and innovation. The majority of organizations expect IoT initiatives to have a high level of impact on their business over the next five years. However, only 1 in 5 organizations have moved to implement IoT projects. On average, respondents report that 37 percent of organizations’ IoT needs will require support from outside vendors. IoT initiatives are so large in scope that the need for resource augmentation is not unexpected. Getting IoT off the ground will be a multiyear initiative for most organizations, allowing them to learn as they go and develop more defined roadmap as the program progresses. Despite the unknowns and challenges, early adopters of IoT will position themselves to make more strategic and informed decisions. 


Executive Summary


Key Facts
  • TEKsystems surveyed more than 200 business and IT leaders on project ownership, risks, required skill sets and organizational preparedness for IoT initiatives. Read our infographic for a quick look at the results.
  • Watch our video to learn more about key implementation challenges and see how a global manufacturer successfully leveraged a connected solution to streamline efficiency, lower operational costs and boost production volume in one of its plants.
  • While IT predominantly maintains leadership over IoT projects, other departments are also identified as occupying leadership roles, indicating shared responsibility. The majority of organizations (53 percent) recognize that a partnership approach is necessary for IoT projects to succeed.
  • For more survey details and to see business and IT leaders’ thoughts on IoT preparedness, challenges and business impacts, download our executive summary