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Are you doing all you can to engage and retain your employees?

Imagine you’re an IT manager sitting at your desk one Friday when one of your best applications developers comes into your office. “We need to talk,” she says. “I’m giving my two weeks’ notice.” After she leaves, you put your head in your hands and wonder what your next steps will be—and how to prevent this from happening again. Your departing employee said she never had the opportunity for new skills training, but your company has a skills training program in place. She said she felt like the job was a dead end and there weren’t opportunities to advance, leaving you confused because you were grooming her to be team lead. The hardest part to hear was when she said she didn’t feel that the company was making an impact and she didn’t know where she fit in to the corporate vision. “How can that be,” you think, “we have an employee value proposition—somewhere.” How can IT leaders better engage IT professionals and improve retention? How can IT leaders mitigate the effects of attrition?


Executive Summary

White Paper


Key Facts
  • TEKsystems surveyed IT leaders and IT professionals to examine to what extent and why their organizations struggle with employee engagement and retention, as well as the impact of talent management strategies on attrition. Read our infographic for a quick look at the results.
  • Overall, 2 out of 5 IT leaders and IT professionals say their organization struggles to retain IT talent, and attrition seems to impact all teams equally—nearly 70 percent of IT leaders report retention is a challenge across all skill sets they manage. Watch our video to learn more about what IT leaders can do to strengthen employee engagement and retention.
  • Long-term workforce stability is not a common expectation among IT leaders. Only 9 percent of IT leaders expect employees to stay more than five years, while about one-third have no expectations for how long an employee will stay with the company. This is compounded by the feedback that 2 out of 5 IT leaders report they do not have the infrastructure necessary to quickly assemble and disassemble teams in order to respond to IT demands. Our white paper includes our analysis of organizations’ shortcomings in retaining IT talent and our suggestions for mitigating the effects of attrition.
  • For more detail on our survey and to see how IT leaders and IT professionals responded, download our executive summary.