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Other recent TEKsystems research

IT Skills Gap

IT Skills Gap

Review TEKsystems latest information regarding the IT skills gap which includes the perceived shortage of talent in the market but mismatched skills.

Succession Management Programs | Preparing IT Talent for the Future

Succession Management Programs | Preparing IT Talent for the Future

TEKsystems’ research shows why organizations need an effective succession management program to prepare top IT talent for their future.

IT Skills Sustainability Snapshot 2013

IT Skills Sustainability Snapshot 2013

TEKsystems explains how IT leaders need to understand IT skills and employees thoughts on evolving technologies, retention, compensation and retirement.

About TEKsystems research

To stay competitive and maximize return on investment (ROI), organizations must keep pace with the latest information technology research. IT research related to IT trends and the IT workforce provides valuable insight into what issues are impacting the industry and helps to better inform strategic business decisions.

Research we do

TEKsystems partners with 6,000 clients annually and speaks with over 100,000 IT professionals every week. We gather insights on hot IT industry trends and topics as well as the IT professionals who lead, support and execute them.

How we conduct our research

IT Forecast

We survey IT leaders to gain insight into how industry trends will impact their IT budgets, IT hiring and top initiatives for the coming year.

IT Management

We regularly conduct research with IT employers and IT employees to offer advice on how to optimize how organizations attract, develop and retain great IT people.

Internal Data and Third Party Sources

We leverage our proprietary data and third party sources to report on trends in IT spending, IT projects, workforce supply and demand, hot IT skills, and compensation.

IT Leadership Councils

We facilitate focus groups and councils with IT decision makers to discuss the trends and challenges impacting their businesses.

Co-Sponsored IT Trends

We regularly partner with industry organizations, media publications and other research firms to gather intelligence on IT-related issues and services.

IT Buyer Satisfaction Surveys

We survey buyers of IT staffing and IT services to understand their satisfaction with their vendor relationships and areas of improvement.