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IT Careers

From applications to operations to support, IT pros have many career paths. Find the top options for your skills, goals and interests, and forge a rewarding career.

Types of IT careers

Do you like to code?

Applications careers range from designing and writing new software to testing it to managing enterprise applications. These jobs tend to be highly compensated, and most employers seek candidates with four-year degrees.

Are you creative and digitally savvy?

Digital jobs often fall under marketing, and can include everything from UX to VR, to SEO and graphic design to product management. The field changes quickly, and employers often look for flexible mindsets and cutting-edge portfolios.

Do you like people?

Applications and tech support professionals typically help computer users when things go wrong. Employers usually look for a combination of experience (internships count) and a certification such as the CompTIA A+. For candidates with degrees, this path is a common entry point into networking and management jobs.

Do you like hardware and software?

Network infrastructure professionals manage the back end of IT, from the data center to servers. The advent of cloud technologies has created new—and highly paid—positions in infrastructure, too. Most employers seek candidates who possess a four-year degree and network certifications, as well as experience.