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Keep calm when interviewing for IT jobs

Keep calm when interviewing for IT jobs

By TEKsystems

Job interviews can be stressful experiences. Candidates are understandably nervous - after all, this one interaction can have a major impact in determining whether that individual is offered a position within the company.

Unfortunately, this nervousness can have a deleterious effect. Employers want their workers to be capable of handling any problems that come their way, and evident nervousness can be seen as indicative of a lack of confidence, regardless of whether this is truly the case or not.

That is why it is critical for candidates for IT jobs to keep calm while interviewing for these positions.

This is, of course, easier said than done. Most people do not participate in interviews very frequently, so it is difficult to become acclimated to these experiences.

Compounding the issue, many interviewers will intentionally try to rattle candidates as a means of testing their composure and resourcefulness. So, for example, a potential employer may ask an IT job candidate a surprisingly specific technology-based question. To an already nervous applicant who does not know the answer, this can seem like a terrifying moment.

Keeping calm is critical in these moments. Job applicants should refrain from displaying aggravation or frustration. Just as importantly, applicants should avoid bluffing their way through questions, as some do when panicking.

Instead, interviewees should handle surprising questions calmly and honestly. It is advisable in these situations to explain how he or she would handle this issue on the job - researching the technology or subject, asking questions as necessary and so on. The point of these interviews, after all, is to determine how well an individual would perform on the job. A level-headed response to unexpected questions is often the response that an interviewer hopes for, helping the candidate's chances of getting the job.

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