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Several trends influencing IT hiring

Several trends influencing IT hiring

By TEKsystems

There are several trends shaping the IT careers landscape as businesses identify innovative technologies that need the management of skilled professionals. InformationWeek's Chris Murphy recently highlighted these developments and what they mean for future IT hiring.

The writer cited InformationWeek's 2012 State of IT Staffing Survey, which found that nearly 50 percent of organizations said hiring has increased this year. Another 35 percent reported no change and only 18 percent have experienced a decline.

Mobile development is one area in which firms are expected to re-train current staff members rather than hire outside the company. More than 50 percent of participants said they believe it will be difficult to find proper talent in this field, with nearly 60 percent of organizations saying they plan to train workers.

Security is a need that is expected to result in more IT jobs at companies looking to shore up their protection. Murphy reported that security is one of the top staffing priorities for nearly 20 percent of firms polled. Also, fewer than 39 percent of respondents believe finding skilled professionals in this field will be difficult, which is "well below other specialities," Murphy explained.

Application developer is perhaps the most in-demand position among all IT fields, according to the InformationWeek survey. One-quarter of participants said hiring app developers is among their top priorities. Murphy noted this is promising because businesses do not generally hire more employees unless they are creating new products.

Organizations supporting big data, however, are expected to run into issues finding skilled talent. More than 50 percent of those polled by InformationWeek believe locating skilled professionals in big data will be difficult. As a result, some firms plan to re-train current workers to manage large information sets.

US continues to add IT jobs
Some businesses may be struggling because of the current economic crisis, but it does not appear to be negatively impacting the IT hiring landscape. The TechAmerica Foundation recently issued a report that revealed the U.S. high-tech industry added nearly 200,000 jobs during the first half of 2012, nearly a 2 percent increase from the same period last year.

TechAmerica also said that the high-tech industry experienced positive growth in 16 of the past 18 months, with total jobs expanding from 5.8 million to nearly 6 million. This accounts for growth of 3.3 percent.

The sectors that continue to drive the IT hiring landscape include engineering and tech services, communications, software and manufacturing. Three of the four held strong during the report's time frame and experienced growth.

Jennifer Kerber, TechAmerica president, explained the importance of tech jobs throughout the United States.

"A strong and vibrant technology industry is critical to supporting an economic recovery and¸ while the tech industry has weathered the downturn better than most, we can’t take its strength for granted," Kerber said. "Global economic and market forces continue to put the technology industry in a position of intense competition - a competition for innovation, where labor and intellectual property provide the foundation for growth."

U.S. companies can do more to improve the hiring landscape even further, according to Kerber. Improved public policies are crucial for not only attracting new workers, but developing them as well. By investing more in research and development in this area, firms are on the right path to "growing and securing our information infrastructure."

With so many innovative technologies surfacing throughout the IT industry, skilled employees will continue to be needed to manage these solutions.

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  • Alex said:
    12/18/2012 9:34 AM

    While not mentioned in this article, a recent survey also found that 58% of IT leaders believed that cloud computing and virtualization will increase the demand for specific IT skills.



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