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IT employment expected to close 2012 on positive note

IT employment expected to close 2012 on positive note

By TEKsystems

While economic uncertainty and the reported "fiscal cliff" have been worrying professionals across various industries, the IT industry has nothing to worry about, according to Computerworld. With growth throughout the year in almost every aspect of the tech sector, IT employment is expected to close out the year "in the black," based on various analyses of the U.S. Labor Department's reports from October.

One group of analysts at TechAmerica Foundation reported that job gains haven't only hit the IT sector, but tech manufacturing as well, with nearly a 1 percent gain in the first six months of the year. However, the real improvements were in software services and engineering and other IT services, which added more than 100,000 jobs during this time. The National Science Foundation noted IT services growth across all sectors as well.

These changes mark important gains for IT professionals in general. According to Victor Janulaitis of Janco, this marks a steady climb out of recession and overall hiring increases. However, even as IT job show major growth, businesses must still find the right employees to fill these new positions.

To acquire the best talent possible, businesses will need the expertise of IT recruiting specialists. With outside hiring assistance, a business can ensure that it finds professionals who have the skills and talent to fill the new, demanding positions that businesses have opening. From expanding cloud solutions to implementing the latest trends like bring your own device (BYOD) and virtualization, companies need talent to lead these initiatives.

For businesses today, the real question is what solutions are you implementing that need more IT expertise, and what are you doing to find it?

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  • John said:
    12/10/2012 5:21 PM

    Finally some positive economic news. I know for my company, security -- especially related to BYOD -- is something we're looking at as having a big impact for 2013.



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