TEKsystems Information Technology Vertical

The IT industry is in a state of constant evolution. Leaders in the information technology industry face significant pressure to develop innovative products and adaptive services. They must deploy new technologies to respond to demands for applications support, cloud computing, digital content, mobility and security initiatives. IT innovation must be continuous and allow companies to remain on the leading edge of product and services development.

Segments We Serve

TEKsystems’ IT vertical provides specialized services for all segments of the information technology industry.
  • hardware-electronics


  • software


  • it-services


  • digital content

    Digital Content

  • mobility


  • e-commerce


Solutions for IT Organizations

Our range of IT industry services, in combination with our deep talent management insights, allows us to address the biggest trends and disruptive technologies affecting the IT industry today.

  • Improved mobile experience
    Consumers increasingly prefer to access information through smartphones and tablets, both at work and at home. IT leaders must continue to develop new ways to keep consumers connected through ecommerce innovation. TEKsystems can help you develop mobile and BYOD strategies, assess risk tolerance and support technology needed for the strategy.
  • Decreased costs and increased flexibility through cloud technology
    As cloud innovation gains momentum, the adoption of such a transformational initiative requires careful planning. Our IT industry services can assist clients in creating strategy, deploying legacy systems, and implementing and supporting cloud-based solutions.
  • Enhanced digital content and media
    Digital content and media are becoming increasingly popular means of streamlining information distribution and optimizing communication with consumers. TEKsystems helps clients innovate, enhance and grow their existing digital content strategies and convert older content to newer, more effective digital formats.
  • Superior security through risk management and mitigation strategies
    The greater flow of information and dependency on data introduces significant risk and threat of attack. TEKsystems helps clients assess their enterprise risk profile, achieve and maintain compliance and implement risk mitigation strategies.
  • Real-time IT business intelligence for critical decision making
    With the use of data analytics, savvy organizations can leverage their information to anticipate customer preferences and market needs, thus creating stronger products. We help clients employ Big Data analytics to aggregate the volume and variety of their data and use it to anticipate trends and improve product offerings.
  • Decreased costs and increased agility via hybrid IT models 
    IT departments operate under a variety of business models, from full cloud computing to traditional licensed software and everything in between. As IT leaders increasingly serve as strategic partners guiding their organization’s business decisions, we can help evaluate your infrastructure, configure the right hybrid model, migrate data and manage risk.

What Makes Us Different

Customized Solutions

We appreciate that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to IT. To ensure you receive the right solution for your needs, we work alongside you to custom build IT solutions that address your technology and business challenges.

IT Industry Knowledge

We partner with nearly 900 companies within the IT industry. We understand the technology trends that will affect your business and offer flexible, proven solutions to help maximize your IT initiatives.

Quality Focused Delivery

We use researched and well-tested service delivery processes and methodologies to ensure we meet your highest standards. Our governance and project management organizations oversee each engagement, whether it is fully managed, project-based or outsourced, to deliver consistent and reliable outcomes.

Scalable Delivery

With over 100 locations in North America, Europe and Asia, TEKsystems can meet your company’s needs for seamless IT, whether across large properties or in geographically diverse locations. We also offer scalable delivery models, providing simple staff augmentation, managed services, project-based services and outsourced solutions depending on your particular needs.

Specialized Resources

Every year we deploy more than 12,000 IT consultants to support clients’ IT needs. Our staffing specialists maintain relationships with 81 percent of the IT workforce and speak with 100,000 IT professionals every week, ensuring our ability to source, screen and deploy professionals quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Workforce Planning

With years of experience helping clients execute their IT initiatives, we understand the critical role the right people play in achieving successful outcomes. TEKsystems can help you build a plan that ensures your workforce has the right skills and competencies required today and in the future.

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